Applied Protein Systems

Applied Protein Systems:
  • A manufacturer of premium grain based protein composites for use as adhesives/binders, detergent enhancement, carrier and pelletizing agents.

  • Partnering with customer to meet specific needs from functionality to cost effectiveness with sustainable and renewable protein based products.

  • Manufacturing, Laboratory & Warehousing facilities in Chicago, IL

Markets and Applications:
  • Paperboard Coating Binder

  • Animal Pharmaceutical Carrier and pelletizing agent

  • Textile cone and tube adhesive

  • Wood composite resin: Phenol Replacement

  • Water based ink binder

  • Detergent anti-redeposition agent


Processing Capabilities:
  • Continuous automated wet chemistry reaction system for protein modification

  • Process flexibility to meet specific customer needs.

  • Cost advantages through proprietary processing

  • Packaging flexibility to meet specific customer needs

  • Available packaging: bulk (truck and rail), big bag and multi wall small bag

Sales Office:
Applied Protein Systems
7311 Highway 329, Suite 1004
Crestwood, KY 40014
Phone: (502) 241-0525
Fax:      (502) 241-0527
  Manufacturing Facility:
10459 S. Muskegon Avenue
Chicago, IL 60617